Understanding the python.exe and pythonw.exe

In Python, we will focus on two special files which are python.exe and pythonew.exe. Their unique powers support to execute your Python smoothly in your system. The further qualities of these files will also be discussed with their use in coding. 

So, this article will cover the reasons why python.exe and pythonew.exe are very important and how these two important files can support you while coding.  

Fasten the seatbelts, we are ready to fly very high.

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One of the best advantages of Python programming language is that makes coding a fascinating task for you. In this journey We will explore python.exe and pythonw.exe, their other names can be wizards of Python. These files have unique powers when running Python programs on Windows. Want to know more about it? Let’s move on. 

python.exe: The Friendly Helper

Want to talk to a Python program? No big deal. python.exe is there for you. When you run Python.exe a window appears. It is like a chat window in which a program can show you anything, any type of message, and even asks questions. Its basic use can be seen while playing games where players answer questions many times.  

It means you can easily exchange information by using python.exe with your program through this magical window and so, it is a great tool for interactive games etc. 

pythonw.exe: The Invisible Sorcerer

Pythonw.exe works silently means no messages, no chats. But it serves like a secret agent for you. Therefore, it is used to beautify the graphical interfaces (GUI). Means, create anything like buttons, menus and pictures and no popup windows will disturb you. 

Furthermore, if you wish to perform some actions like scheduling regular tasks, use pythonw.exe.   

Choosing the Right One: A Matter of Purpose

To execute Python smoothly, choose your Wizard wisely as it will serve as a game-changer. So let’s discuss it. 

python.exe: For Talking Adventures

Use pythonw.exe if you wish to see no extra windows. But your program must have beautiful graphics.

pythonw.exe: For Invisible Magic

The other advantage of using it is for running background tasks quietly, means you can perform your other necessary work with no issues. 


We learned that python.exe and pythonw.exe are great Python files. Python.exe is an interactive tool that allows you to chat through windows. Pythonew.exe; under-cover agent in other words, runs the background programs and other tasks silently. 

Please note that choosing pythonw.exe or python.exe depends on the program requirement. So, enjoy Python coding and experience the magic of these files. This will surely amuse you. 

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