Simplifying Website Availability Testing with Python Ping Checks


We know the importance of sustainable and maximum website availability for the modern digital age. Sometimes websites can encounter Downtime can be the result of several factors like server glitches, issues in the network, or maintenance issues. Ping test is a common method to monitor website’s availability. So, we will cover availability checks using the Python’s ‘request’ library. We will provide a concise yet and effective Python script that enables effortless execution of ping tests.

Python Ping Test Fundamentals

A Python ping test sends a message to the website or server you are trying to access and it requires some time to respond. As a result, it helps to inform if the website is accessible or not. Here, the ‘request’ library sends HTTP requests to the server and obtains the responses in Python. 

The Python Script: Conducting Website Availability Checks

The given script of Python by using ‘requestlibrary for availability checks of the website. 

					import requests

def check_url_availability(url):
        response = requests.get(url)
        if response.status_code == 200:
            return True, response.elapsed.total_seconds()
            return False, None
    except requests.ConnectionError:
        return False, None

urls_to_check = [

for url in urls_to_check:
    is_available, response_time = check_url_availability(url)
    if is_available:
        print(f"{url} is available (Response time: {response_time:.2f} seconds)")
        print(f"{url} is not available")

Decoding the Script

1- ‘Requests’ library commences the script by importing it. So it is very important to start HTTP requests. 

2- Next, the function ‘cehck_url_availability’ accepts URL as input and this leads to executing the GET request to the URL requested.

3- For monitoring the potential connection errors during the request, a ‘try’ block is used.

4- If ‘True‘ is returned by function; it means the successful connection that is referred to by HTTP status code of 200.

5- If the ‘False’ is returned by the function in case of failure of website accessibility. It may occur due to connection error or non-200– status code.

6- (urls_to_check) assembles a list of all URLs for labeled for availability testing. 

7- For every URL in the list, check_url_availability function is generated by the script which produces an availability status, along with print out the response time in case the website is available.

In Conclusion

Website availability is indeed of great importance for users. ‘Ping test’ is there to help you in Python script. And Just incorporate it as per the discussed manner. Taking advantage of the ‘request’ library effectively streamline the HTTP request process. It will also assimilate responses. Incorporating this script for the toolkit will help to manage the website as it will surely inform if the requested URL is available or not. 

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