How do you sum a column in Python

Performing calculations on the stored data in CSV files is one the actions you perform many times in Python. Finding the sum of any or specific column is very common in a CSV file. This article will explain that how do you sum a column in Python without using the pandas library that is very popular. 

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Use CSV (Comma-Separated Values) files to save data in tabular form. They contain rows and columns and a comma separates them. There are many libraries in Python like pandas which have useful tools for data analysis and manipulation. But external libraries may be more useful due to the fact that they are not heavy.

The Code Explained

Look at the example of Python code to calculate the sum of any column in CSV file:

					import csv

# File path
file_path = 'csvfile.csv'

# Initialize total sum variable
total_sum = 0

# Open the CSV file
with open(file_path, mode='r') as file:
    reader = csv.reader(file)
    # Skip the header row
    # Loop through each row
    for row in reader:
            total_sum += float(row[0])  # Sum the value in the first column
        except ValueError:
            print(f"Invalid value found: {row[0]}. Skipping.")

print("Sum of values in the first column:", total_sum)

How to sum row from csv file in Python

We learn that we can use the summing up function in CSV files without using the pandas library in Python. The built-in ‘csv’ module provides a simple approach for it. so , manipulate your data by using the described steps for better understanding and use of data in Python. 

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