Finding the Perfect 000webhost Alternative:

In the age of digital World, having a reliable and best web hosting service is very important for anyone who is looking an online presence. And there are lots of web hostings sites but every one want to use free web hosting service for WordPress site. The most of beginners and learners use 000webhost website for hosting and learning the WordPress. But now a days there are lots of problem with 000webhost with free package which we will discuss later on. so, In this article we will explore the best 000webhost alternative which is There are lots of alternative of 00webhost but I personaly use “pantheon” for demo purpose for my clients.

Why Look for a 000webhost Alternative?

Before we dive into, let’s discuss the some reasons that you are seeking an alternative to 000webhost. 000webhost is very famous but not a now a days, It offers free web hosting services, But now a days there are lots of issues you will face the most reason i didnt recommed that it is slowness and limitations. The limitations in terms of resources, customer support and scalability can be restrictive. so that you must looking for 00webhost alternative. So the best alternative for 000webhost is pantheon. A Viable Alternative for 000webhost

Now, Let’s move to our attention to which is best alternative for 000webhost. is a free robust web hosting for web developers, WordPress developers and also for learners and beginners which is seeking high-performance hosting solutions for free.

  1. WordPress-Friendly Hosting: is fully optimized for WordPress and it is best choice for hosting your WordPress site for free. And It provides you a best user-friendly envrionment and it is powerful tools to help, build and manage your WordPress website for free and efficiently.
  2. Free Hosting Option: is a free hosting website, which is allow users to get started without buy any package. This is really best 000webhosting alternative for students, beginners and individuals who are looking for free web hosting sites for WordPress.
  3. Exceptional Performance: is very famous for his best performance, It loads faster and a better user experience.
  4. Dedicated Support: While 000webhost may offer very limited customer support, but provides dedicated support for its users.
How to use website for creating WordPress website:

Just follow the following steps:

1. Goto, click on “Start Free” button which is right-upper corner with yellow color for creating the free account on

creating the free account on

2. Now you need to create an account and verify the account or simply click on “Connect With Google Account” button, For my side, I click “Connect With Google Account“.

Connect With Google Account

3. After creating the account you will redirect to the dashboard, now click on “Create New Site” button.

create new site

4. Now click on WordPress, Whatever you can choose according to your need.


5. Now Choose of your WordPress Name and region.

Choose of your WordPress Name and region

6. After that you need to wait for few minutes to complete the deploying process. After completed the process of deploying WordPress site, Now click on “Visit Your Pantheon Site Dashboard” button.

Visit Your Pantheon Site Dashboard

7. Now, You can see website name here, and now click on “Visit Development Site” button.

Visit Development Site

Thats it. Now you can see WordPress installation. Install the WordPress website and enjoy the WordPress for free with high speed without any issue.

You know another best feature of Pantheon website is creating multiple website with single account. sounds amazing! I like this feature of pantheon so that i recommend this over 000webhost.

You can see my two websites on single pantheon account.

Home button of pantheon

How to create multiple websites with single account on pantheon:
  1. Click on Home button. and now click on Create New Site. that’s it and follow the same steps to create multiple websites.

creating mulitple websites on pantheon

Using as a 000webhost Alternative

  • Free WordPress Hosting: offers free hosting and making it best ideal choice for WordPress hosting websites at free of cost.
  • Free Web Hosting Sites for WordPress: is one of the free web hosting for WordPress users compare to 000webhost.
  • Is WordPress Hosting Free: Yes, is free hositng service, you can host your WordPress site for free of cost.
  • Free WordPress Hosting for Students: is a best free hosting for students who need a free solution for their WordPress projects.
  • Free WordPress Domain Hosting: allows you to host WordPress website for free of cost including sub-domain hosting.
  • 000webhost WordPress: is best alternative to 000webhost for hosting the WordPress websites.
  • 000webhost Best Alternative: is a best ever choice when seeking the best alternative to 000webhost.
  • 000webhosting Free: Like 000webhost, offers a free hosting service, it is a suitable replacement.

If you are finding the perfect 000webshot alternative, is a top choice. It is really friendly environment for WordPress, free hosting, scalability, exceptional performance and dedicated support to make it best choice for hosting. Whatever you are student, developer, or owner, Now Say goodbye to 000webhost and it is limitations and explore the Start hosting WordPress website for free and experience the difference today.

Note: It is my own experience that i am sharing with you.

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