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WordPress is a very popular content management system. I have been working for about 3 years with Python Integration. I started it from Fiverr and completed many orders on Python integration for the WordPress website. I offers the following services.    

  • Embed Python in WP
  • Create, update, delete WordPress posts by using Python
  • Create and update WordPress Posts from CSV file
  • Create, update, delete Woocommerce’s any type of Products and categories
  • Transfer/move/copy Categories and Posts to one WordPres website to another WordPres site by using python
  • Export WordPress Posts and Categories in CSV by using Python and much more.

After completing Many orders for Python to WordPress integration, I thought of developing my own software by using Python to Create WordPress posts easily. This is my own blog and i tired to login, and goto posts and create posts and publish the posts every time. It is really time consuming, Now with my own software I can create posts in a minute easily. This is the first version of my software but in future I will do more functionality to it like, publish, draft and schedule the posts and create an amazing WordPress Post Editor and rewrite the AI content without AI Detection and pilgrims. This is my future goal for this software. If you want this please feel free to contact me on Fiverr. And You can Read more below why it is best what i used to develop it.

Check screenshots of my “WordPress post Creator” software at the end of the post. 


WordPress is a content management system and it used by millions of websites widely and share their content effectively. whatever creating and managing WordPress posts can be time-consuming especially when you deal with multiple WordPress posts. To solve this issue, I will show you  my custom software tools developed in Python to simplify the process of creating WordPress posts. You can generate the WordPress posts automatically without WordPress’s web interface.

Why Automate WordPress Post Creation?

The process of Creating post in WordPress takes time. It happens due to forms filling out and the content formatting process. With My Software WordPress Post Creator You can automate the creation of posts In Python, I used wordpress_xmlrpc library to create effective posts in less time due to its ability to integrate with WordPress. With My Software WordPress post Creator Users can generate posts with ease and efficiency.

Creating WordPress Posts with Python

Step 1: Setting Up the Environment

Install Python on your PC or laptop. Install tkinter library as it helps in graphical interface. WordPress_xmlrpc supports to interact with WordPress.

Step 2: Launching the Software

Now, open my custom software with the name “WordPress Post Creator”. You will receive greetings by the user-friendly graphical interface. This interface eliminates the need of writing codes or accessing direct backend access of WordPress to generate the post.

Step 3: Entering Details

The next step is the basic information input like the URL of WordPress, password and username. By this process, you will maintain a secure connection with WordPress. 

Step 4: Crafting Your Post

Use the rich text editor to add your posts content. But in the future I will make this text editor beautiful to add more formatting options. 

Step 5: Defining Post Details

After that, name your post a suitable or desirable title. Also add a category for the post. But in the future I will add this functionality that Software will help you to inform the correct category.

Step 6: Generating the Post

“Create Post” button option will surprise you. Software will generate and send a request to the WordPress XML-RPC endpoint by using wordpress_xmlrpc library. This request will contain information about title, category, URL, content etc.

Step 7: Success Notification

In case of successful post creation, software will update you with a pop up message but it will take some time as WordPress will approve it first. In case of issues, software will show an error message.

Benefits of Automated Post Creation

 Efficiency: Saves time and efforts of creating posts as it functions automatically. That means no need to navigate through various pages for creating posts.  

Consistency: The software enables content writers to follow a consistent formatting structure. Your content will always be published in a professional manner.

Error Reduction: The automatic process also reduces error of data entering.

Bulk Post Creation: Multiple posts can be created with use of software as it will manage them accordingly.


We learned the use of Automating WordPress post creation by using “WordPress Post Creator” software. You can generate posts effortlessly by integrating Python and WordPress because it provides you a structured format for posts and you can spend more time on drafting high quality content. This tool helps content creators to streamline workflow and thus results in better posts. So!!!!!!!!!  What are you waiting for? Just use the option of automatically generating WordPress posts for a different experience.

Screenshots of WordPress Post Creator Software

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WordPress Post Creator Screentshot-2
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