How to sum row from csv file in Python

How to sum row from csv file in Python

CSV or Comma Separated Values is a famous and frequently used format for exchanging and storing tabular form data. Their biggest advantage is that we can share datasets in various software applications. Python has built-in module called ‘csv’ that work on CSV files without any issues. Let me share a way to import a CSV … Read more

Python Methods vs. Functions: Understanding the Differences and When to Use Classes

Python Methods vs. Functions Understanding the Differences and When to Use Classes

In the world of programming, Python is loved by programmers all over the world because of its simplicity and versatility. While using Python, you often use several terms like ‘method’, ‘function’, and ‘class’. In the beginning these terms may confuse you but, they play a vital role in coding. Function and Method: What’s the Difference? … Read more

Understanding the python.exe and pythonw.exe

Understanding the python.exe and pythonw.exe

In Python, we will focus on two special files which are python.exe and pythonew.exe. Their unique powers support to execute your Python smoothly in your system. The further qualities of these files will also be discussed with their use in coding.  So, this article will cover the reasons why python.exe and pythonew.exe are very important … Read more

Python.exe Program Fails to Execute: Troubleshooting Made Easy

Python.exe Program Fails to Execute Troubleshooting Made Easy

Table of Contents Introduction: Programmers like to use Python these days as it is multiskilled and Python is an interpreter programming language. On the other hand, some issues may create issues to execute Python smoothly. The most complicated and common issues occurs when the python.exe file is not executed and as result it stops running … Read more

Solving ‘Access Denied’ Errors in Webdriver with Selenium Python


Table of Contents Introduction In web development and quality assurance, Web scraping and automated testing are the names of practices that are used. To interact with the web sites programmatically, Selenium is preferred in web browsers. But sometimes, you may face an “Access Denied” error, which prevents you from accessing certain websites. And we will … Read more

Unleashing Power GPT-2 Language Model: Python Guide


Table of Contents Introduction to GPT-2 Language Model in Python GPT-2 is a powerful language, and it has been developed by OpenAI and it is used to generate human-like text. In this article, we will cover GPT-2 Language Model and its usage of GPT2LMHeadModel in the Python.  What is GPT-2 Language Model (GPT2LMHeadModel)? The full … Read more

6 Easy Steps to Extract Data from Google Sheet using Selenium Python | Step-by-Step Guide

Extract data from Google Sheet using Selenium Python

Table of Contents Introduction In this our post, I will try to explain you about how to use the Selenium Python to Extract data from Google Sheet using Selenium Python. We will walk through the code step by step and explain you each line to ensure you to a clear understanding. Prerequisites: The Prerequisites are … Read more

Can Python Send Text Messages?

Can Python Send Text Messages

In the digital modern era, communication has become easier than before. Alongside some traditional methods of communication, like phone calls and emails, texts have gained more popularity. Text messages provide a very quick and efficient way to convey information, making them the best choice for many individuals and different businesses. Python, a versatile, easy, and … Read more